Search Departments

To search by department, enter the department's full or partial name. The search will return all departments or cross-references ("See" also) that match or contain the department name you enter. You may use the wildcard "*" to match any part of the name. To find Human Resources, you could enter "human resources", "h* resources", "human *" or "resources". The more specific your search, the fewer results are returned.

When searching by phone number, you may enter the department's full (530-123-4567) or partial phone number (123-4567 or 3-4567).

Changing Department Directory Information

Follow the instructions below to update department directory information.

  1. In the Search field above, enter the name of the department whose information you want to change.
  2. Click Go.
  3. Click on the Update this listing link (next to the department's name).
  4. Log in using your login ID and Kerberos passphrase.
  5. A list of department approvers will be displayed.
  6. Contact a department approver to make updates to the department listing.

Changes submitted will be posted once they have been reviewed for accuracy and/or approved.


Privacy Notice: This campus directory is the property of University of California, Davis. To protect the privacy of individuals listed herein, in accordance with the State of California Information Practices Act, this directory may not be used, rented, distributed, or sold for commercial purposes.